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Oh, uh...I forgot!

I created this account last September and never used it! Well, to be honest, I had a lot going on back then. I was not getting along with my-then roommate, and I had to eventually ask her to leave. That was a relief, let me tell you! Never again...unless it's one of my three kids or my soon-to-be-arriving-in-August-2007 grandson. It's outrageous! We already know the gender! Isn't technology wonderful? His name is Xavier. I'm so excited! I'm gonna be a NaNa! (I just rubbed my daughter Clarissa's belly--she's getting to the pregnant lady waddle stage!)

I do have another blog on myspace that I use fairly frequently. So what I will do is post on both sites, just because. So if you want to check out that blog, here's the URL:
I'll probably post more about the Bahai Faith on this blog, however. I don't know...I might get lazy and forget. Maybe I'll post some writing that I've been doing of late, t…