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What a summer....

First of all, I'm off to Bosch Baha'i School in the Santa Cruz mountains. The opportunity arose for me to go, and even though I'm feeling guilty that I'm leaving my parents here at my place in all this heat and my air conditioner isn't working, AND that I haven't seen my grandson in three days, I'm pushing all that toxic guilt aside. I REALLY, REALLY need to be at there! If you happen to be wondering why, here's the session information:

Tap the power of trust and learn to see trustworthiness as a key to prosperity. Explore ways to call on Divine assistance in solving difficulties and seeking direction. Learn how to live in love rather than fear and of the bounties that come from that way of life. "As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be." - 'Abdu’l-Bahá
I realize that I've had a lot happening in my life this past summer, and I'm thankful to God, the Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Rancho Cordova and to all of…

It's a Glorious Life

My grandson, Xavier Adjani (means "victor" in an African language that I can't seem to commit to memory) Kusic was born on August 23, 2007 at 8:52 a.m (Virgo Ascendant, Virgo Sun, Mercury in Virgo and a Capricorn Moon. Literally a born perfectionist. Get ready, world. You are about to be criticized in ways you've never imagined.) It was a rough delivery for my daughter Clarissa, who bore it all like a trooper. That's my girl. I'm not trying to take credit, but I raised her to be strong, which has its good, practical aspects as well as its down side. When I was in labor with her, I did the same thing she did--the pain was unbearable, but no one in the room with me knew that. I moaned and groaned a bit at the height of the contractions, but the rest of the time I was just quietly dealt with that...well, I don't even want to get into it. There aren't enough adjectives in English to describe that experience. But Clarissa's labor and delivery…

Tests: All in the Family


Thou hast written concerning the tests that have come upon thee. To the sincere ones, tests are as a gift from God, the Exalted, for a heroic person hasteneth, with the utmost joy and gladness, to the tests of a violent battlefield, but the coward is afraid and trembles and utters moaning and lamentation. Likewise, an expert student prepareth and memorizeth his lessons and exercises with the utmost effort, and in the day of examination he appeareth with infinite joy before the master. Likewise, the pure gold shineth radiantly in the fire of test. Consequently, it is made clear that for holy souls, trials are as the gift of God, the Exalted; but for weak souls they are an unexpected calamity. This test is just as thou hast written: it removeth the rust of egotism from the mirror of the heart until the Sun of Truth may shine therein. For, no veil is greater than egotism and no matter how thin that covering may be, yet it will finally veil man entirely and prevent h…
Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 95%
Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is Very High

You've spent a lot of time introspecting, and it's really paid off.
You are comfortable with who you are, and you have a life philosophy that you are happy to live by.
And you're always re-evaluating what you believe. Because you learn something new about yourself each day!How Does Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Rate?

Your Five Variable Love Profile
Propensity for Monogamy:

Your propensity for monogamy is high.
You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person.
And in return, you expect the same from who you love.
Any sign of straying, and you'll end things.

Experience Level:

Your experience level is medium.
You probably have had a couple significant loves.
And you may have even had your heart broken.
But you haven't really dated a wide variety of people.


Your dominance is medium.
You tend to be the one with more power.
You aren't a total control freak in relationships..
But of…

(SIGH) This figures....

I spent the day further exhausting myself by running errands for my parents and my el preggo daughter. Clarissa, we found your queen-sized Sealy Posturepedic bed, you pregnant diva you. I almost went to sleep on it, right in the store. The Sears salesperson was not amused. Anyway, a friend posted this personality test on his blog, and I thought, well, I need a bit cheering up. I'll take the test. Sheesh. Great, just great. I'm Miss Piggy. "Never eat more than you can lift." That's just what I needed to read tonight. Anyway, there has be another one of these dumb tests out there that aren't so depressing. If anyone knows of one, let me know!

You Are Miss Piggy
A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.

Warrior Woman on fire

A couple of days ago, one of my co-workers shared the following article with me:

I apologize folks, I still can't figure out how to make my links go live on my blog. Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. I'm about to go on one of my infamous tears, people. It will not be pretty or for the faint of heart. I admit it: I have an explosive temper that, like Mount St. Helen, is dormant most of the time. The people who have to deal with me on a daily basis are grateful for that. However, I absolutely lose it when it comes to abuse to children specifically, and people's inhuman treatment to others in general. That article activated the warrior in me, causing alarm in poor Fred, who had never seen me act like that before. Fred, I am truly sorry, but I can't help seem to help it. The education of children is something I take very, very seriously. And my rage flares dangerously when I read about YET ANOTHER in…

About Love (Love Actually)

Due to circumstances beyond my intellectual capacity to understand, I've been considering the subject of "love" a lot more than I want to lately. I suppose there a lot of reasons, the best of which involves seeing and hearing so many people talk about it in public. Just yesterday, while I was transferring from a light rail train to a bus, I overheard a young lady gushing to two friends, "I'm SO in love with James! Don't call me later 'cause I'm gonna be with MY honey!" I tried very hard to contain the gag reflex. Please give me props for at least considering that it would have been an unseemly act, and quite rude. So anyway, I've been noticing the actions of young people "in love" (lust) and wondering, was I like that once upon a time? I can't remember ever declaring undying love for a guy in the presence of strangers, but I'm sure I've done things that were equally ludicrous, like threatening to beat up a girl f…