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Angela goes on yet another HULK SMASH rant

Here's the situation--the website published an article titled : "75 Percent of Juvenile Arrests in Oakland are Black Males, says report", which I urge all five of my readers to check out. All right, I'm just messing with you--I do know that I have more than five readers on most days except today. Zero readers. I would be upset if it weren't for the fact that a whole lot of stuff has been going on in this country lately, and most of you probably have a lot better things to do besides read my crazy rants. Back to the subject at hand: I had a pretty good idea of what the article was going to be about, and since I have an extremely bad habit of reading the comments posted on articles like these (yeah, I know; I need to stop doing that), I figured I would probably get pretty P.O.ed by some of them. Wanna read a few? No? Too bad, I'm spreadin' the sufferin'!

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I’d be scared to death to be a te…

Joining some celebs in thanking my teachers

(Unfortunately, I can only remember three names in this video, and that's James McAvoy, Minnie Driver, and Juliette Lewis. I recognize a few of the others. The guy holding the sign is really familiar, but his name escapes me. The rest of the actors are completely unknown to me, probably because I don't keep up with a lot of popular entertainment. Help me out with the names of these people, folks!) 

Thank you, Mr. Peterson, my history teacher in summer school at Luther Burbank Senior High, who, in 1975, challenged all of us to question history and how it has been taught. He was a very tall and imposing man of Swedish descent whose thunderous voice instantly silenced us when he strolled into the classroom at 8 am sharp. And he told us something that no history teacher had the audacity to say before or since: "Forget all the economic arguments you've read in your textbooks about the causes of the Civil War. There was only one way the wealthy plantation owners could convi…