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tears for fears -head over heels

This isn't about me, but I know someone who might be a candidate. Kind of wish it was me, but I'm being reminded day by day that I live a very unconventional life, and maybe an emotional convention like "falling head over heels" isn't something I can do. But I like the song, even if the video seems a bit odd to me. Kissing a monkey in a library? The point? Don't mind me folks; I'm just despairing having to do my night time rituals instead what used to be comforting to me. It'll pass. I just need to cry it out and pray some more.

The Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112 - The Sky Is The Limit

The children in this video are cute, but since I'm a mom, I don't like the seductive imagery, f-bombs, and the depiction of gross materialism.

All right, stepping down from the soapbox. The sky is the limit, my friend. You can have what you want, be what you want. Just trust that the Will of the Universe is looking out for you. It makes things easier, believe me. I'm the champion of resistance, and I've paid a huge price for it. I made it through T-Day, folks! Ya Baha'ul'Abha!

"I have a boyfriend who just got out of prison..."

No, I don't. I'm actually quoting my co-workers. It's a slow day, and we're hanging out talking about what to say to obnoxious guys. I never thought about saying "I have a boyfriend who just got out of prison," or "My husband was just dishonorably discharged from the Army for assaulting his commanding officer." I just roll my eyes and walk away. No words needed, as far as I'm concerned. I get that cold, nasty BWC (black woman crazy) attitude sometimes. It began in high school, and every once and a while, that sista-with-attitude behavior resurfaces. Inapropriate behavior for a Baha'i, and I'm glad I don't have many opportunities to show that side of my personality. I'm consciously trying to be a gentle, loving, considerate person these days, and it ain't easy to change old habits. Especially when the changing is taking place at the same time I'm living without sugar, flour and excess portions of food. The way I've bee…

The Return of Dark Angel

Wow. Talk about Freudian slip. When I first typed the title of this post, my finger pressed the "R" key instead of the "L" key. Dark Anger. That fits. Now, most of you don't know Dark Angel. Forget about Jessica Alba's T.V. character, this Dark Angel has been around before Ms. Alba was even a zygote. She's a representation of my most basest, meanest animal nature, and she made her first Internet appearance about twelve years ago on a wrestling fan web site. (Long story, don't ask.) She has been, for the most part, kept under lock and key through my trust that God's way is the right way, even if I don't always agree with His timing. She lays low and feeds a continuous stream of invalidation of my physical being, which is very vulnerable to criticism. She loves that. What does she look like? Picture an eight feet tall very shapely and muscular female shadow being, dressed in a blood red skin tight outfit a la Marvel Comics with blazing yellow …


Dark Angel!