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Batman The Animated Series - Voices of the Knight

I'm loving this! I used to watch this with my son, and I stumbled across it while surfing YouTube. Mark Hamill as Joker--just brillant!

Could I REALLY Marry a Republican?

First of all, I'm all done with work and school until the end of January. And I'm moving into a new apartment because my slum lord owner flat out refuses to do any repairs to this duplex. He'll be getting a tidy little notice from the City of Rancho Cordova in his mailbox about that. So all this is going to be behind me, and I get to focus a lot more time on some things that are really important. Like recovery. And core activities (ask your friendly neighborhood Baha'i about that. I promise that they will very enthusiastically explain it all.) Catch up on some reading and movie-watching. Sleep. Scream. Cry. Do Gestalt therapy. Beat up some pillows with a wiffle ball bat. And last, but definitely not least, write. I get six weeks to write to my soul's content, which includes blogging here and maybe on my myspace page. I forget that I have a myspace page most of the time, so I'm going to do a little revisiting of the site.

So. You're probably…

Generation Why

One of advantages of learning to be a better Baha'i is becoming accustomed to the idea of service, namely, being of service to humanity. For me, this involves many activities that are spiritually and intellectually stimulating, yet challengeing. My normal mode of operation is to act impulsively, then resist all of the changes that come about in life as the result of my heedlessness. Don't look for the logic; it isn't there. However, being a Baha'i has caused me to slow down a bit and do some serious self-reflection before running out into disaster. It's also brought many people into my life who have become friends, teachers and mirrors for me. This a blog about the people, my Baha'i friends, who patiently help me find my own answers to seemingly unanswerable questions, and encourage me to continue asking.

I serve on the Local Spiritual Assembly of Rancho Cordova, California, and I have grown tremendously as spirit in a body as the result of that service.…


The assignment was to write four poems for my creative writing class next Friday. I thought I would share a few of them since I've had very little say lately. Most of my life is recovery these days, as it should be. But the process doesn't make for very good blogging material right now. It's just a little too intense. So this is probably the best alternative for the time being.

Opposites with No Working DefinitionsLove/Indifference
You/meMonths of Storms “I’m a moody …sometimes.”
What did you say?
What did you call yourself?
As always, I cling to
a few words of yours
and become deaf to the rest.
It’s not my fault you’re moody,
however, I know I irritate
you; your irritation is natural.
Were you vehemently pissed
at birth? Or did you learn to
tell the world
“F**k off!”
when you hit puberty?
Whatever the reason,
I gasp when you say that.
Not because of the f-word
(although you thi…