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Nobel Peace Prize winners speak up for Iranian Baha’i leaders

Nobel Peace Prize winners speak up for Iranian Baha’i leaders

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I'm posting this as a follow up to my previous blog on the persecution of Iranian Baha'i leaders. I'm grateful to Barney Leith to posting this story on his blog so the news won't get buried under a dogpile of celebrity hyperbole. Keep it going, folks, the world needs to know what's really going on while the certain Western leaders remain clueless about the realities of life in the Middle East, and why their policies seem to be failing.

I could say oh-so-much-more. But I won't. I am a Baha'i. That's all that matters.

The Persecutions of Baha'is

This illustration, depicting the death of an early Bahá'í, appeared in the Persian magazine, Ima'mat, circa 1911.
God bless Ms. Hakakian for speaking up against the continued persecution of Iranian Baha'is. As I am writing this, the fate of six prominent Baha'is arrested by the Iranian government is unknown. Those of us who live in other parts of the world continue to blog in protest of those actions. If the past is any indication of what could or may have already happened to them, I fear the worst.

At a recent meeting with fellow Baha'is, I commented that the Iranian government and fanatical religious leaders will not stop systematically persecuting Baha'is in that country until every one of them is either forced to recant their Faith, or killed. Most will be killed, as we are all instructed to never recant our Faith in Bah'u'llah as the Divine Messenger for this new day of mankind.

But one friend quietly remarked, "They won't stop until w…

Still here...sort of...

Well folks, the health issues continue to be a PITA (pain in the asinine). The two current bugaboos are chronic fatigue and kidney stones. I am doing a sleep study for the former, which involves several activities including monitoring my oxygen levels while sleeping, over a two month period. I sleep upright because of my bad hip and lower back, which helps my breathing somewhat. My kids claim I have stopped snoring since I started sleeping that way. However, I still wake up several times a night, and I have never felt totally rested, even after eight hours of sleep. Lately, I've been taking four hour naps in addition to sleeping at night. This is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed, hence the sleep study.

The second issue was passed quite painfully in the emergency room of Kaiser Hospital. I said it once, and I'll say it again--in times of physical duress, I thank God for morphine and the man or woman who developed it for occasions of ghastly pain. Please don…

Relapse after weight loss surgery

Folks need to leave Ms. Carnie alone!!!

Apparently, people have been buzzing about how Carnie Wilson re-gained a lot of weight after losing 150 pounds as the result of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Actually, this is probably old news to most people, but I rarely see celebrity gossip. It's not exactly my favorite thing to do--keep up with the comings and goings of the rich and famous. I have entirely too much to do in my own life, mainly, trying to save it. And I mean that quite literally. But I do read web articles about morbid obesity quite regularly, and this one caught my attention. I have to take you back several years to explain why.

I remember going to an Indian food restaurant for my so-called "last meal" (what a joke) with my sister, my son Marc and my daughter Chenelle. While everyone was laughing and talking during dinner, my thoughts would wander off to the future that I thought I would have. For the very first time in my life, I was going to be thin. …