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Hello Sacramento...again

So it's almost two in the morning, and what I'm doing? Listening to my YouTube playlist while posting on Twitter, Facebook and now my long neglected blogger account. Why? Because I'm trying very hard to accept the fact that I am once again living in the city of my birth, against my most fervent wishes. I've fallen in love with Oakland and the East Bay area, and I'm hoping and praying that the apartment that I have been filling out paperwork for (over and over and over, because there's a new owner, and the old manager has no idea how to deal with the new paperwork) will FINALLY go through. I have been going through this since December. It's almost May. But I will continue to do whatever it takes to get back to Oakland because Sacramento is INCREDIBLY DULL BY COMPARISON! The public transportation system is a joke, and even if it were better, what is there to do? I've been spoiled by the Bay Area, where I could hop on a bus or BART and go anywhere just for…