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Still off line...

I guess I'm not supposed to be distracted from what I'm doing right now, which is:

1)Celebrating one year of intense recovery from food addiction and a loss over 80 pounds as of October 1;

2) Being fully present in my life and taking the "next right action" instead of pondering and daydreaming about the future all the damn time;

3) Marveling at the fact that God has kept me serene and abstinent while placing my mother in a skilled nursing facility and dealing with all the legal/emotional issues of being her conservator while my father continues to drink and wonder why Mom can't live with him anymore. I had to take action to ensure that my mother receives the care she needs, and my Dad can't care for her anymore. No one in the family can. I feel guilt, sadness and anxiety, but I still eat only my three weighed and measured meals, one day at a time! This is truly a MIRACLE!Praise God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!

4) My favorite h…