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SOUL PANCAKE: Rainn Wilson on Oprah's radio show!

First of all, I'm feeling MUCH better right now! All praise to God, the Most High! Prayer DOES change things! Anyway, I watched and listened to Ms. Winfrey interview Rainn Wilson, who, if you don't know, plays "Dwight" on The Office. Now, I have to be honest--I've never watched a full episode of The Office. I'm usually not at home when it's on. But I've seen segments of episodes, and those little bits were definitely funny, even though I know very little about the characters! That's some comedic genius right there; much love to the writers, directors, producers and actors for getting this woman to laugh at a five minute bit!

So, why was Rainn Wilson appearing on Oprah's Sirius/XM syndicated radio show? Well, the main reason was to talk about his web site, Soul Pancake, which you can check out here:
SoulPancake And what, you might ask, is SoulPancake? Actually, it's not something I can easily describe. It's best left to the expert on th…

Reprint "We are Ashamed"

I re-read this incredible document this morning to remind myself that there are is a much Higher Calling than my self-centered problems. Sure, these problems need to be faced, but I cannot solve them by myself. I need God to work through me, to assist me under all conditions and circumstances. How easily I forget! And when I forget, I isolate myself from my brethren, and from the Cause of God in this day. This is NOT serving God and humanity, which is why my Baha'i brothers and sisters in Iran have suffered innumerable persecutions in the past and right now as I type these words. They have remained steadfast in a land where they are denied employment, education, and access to the basic needs to sustain life. Their property and earnings have been seized, and God only knows how they manage to get through each day. They are ridiculed both publicly and privately, abused physically and emotionally. And falsely imprisoned, as the seven Friends are right now.

I am reminded of their pl…

Senator Barbara Boxer's reply to my letter

I definitely didn't expect a reply from Ms. Boxer, but I'm grateful for the acknowledgment from my Congressional representative. Of course, I know SHE didn't actually write the email, but what's important is that her office is aware of the situation, and the Iranian government knows that the United States government is well aware of its activities. I'm continuing to pray for our Friends in that damnable prison, and whatever happens will all be for the Glory of the Cause of God in this Blessed Day.

Dear Ms. Shortt:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the treatment of the Bahá'í community in Iran. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your views on this troubling situation.

I share your concern regarding the systematic discrimination faced by the Bahá'í and other religious minorities in Iran. For decades, the government of Iran has repressed and persecuted members of the Bahá'í faith in violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights.