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Unintentional Deception

The post started with a simple declaration: I think I am in love with someone! What should I do?
Usually, when I post on Facebook, it's about some cause or issue that I am passionate about. And usually, I'm lucky if five people like the post. I've hit the lotto if someone comments. But when I put up that question, which wasn't at all what it seemed to be, I was flooded with comments, suggestions and a couple of jokes. (I really liked the jokes!) I was flabberghasted. I thought most of them would be suspicious that I would post something like that because a) they know that I am not into mushy romantic stuff; b) In the five years I've been on Facebook, I've never posted anything like that before. I might post an article from a psychology website about (cough, cough) romance and relationships, but that's about it. I don't talk about myself that much, and I'm certainly not going to put myself out there on blast if I were in a relationship. But the comme…

Una noche en 37.84°N 122.28°W

"No importa que, nada cambia. Ya lo sabes, ¿no? Estarás libre y yo tambien tenemos diferentes caminos. Pero eso cambia absolutamente nada para mi. Siempre recordare’. Te` amo."  "My baby, you've been, my best my only friend. There's nothing like the joy you bring" http:      Whatever It Takes