Michael Henderson - In The Summertime (1979)

O.K., so the middle-aged chick is feeling sentimental tonight! 1979--I was a junior at California State University at Sacramento. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going in life, but I knew I loved Michael Henderson's music! (sigh) No one seems to sing or play music anymore. Thank God for youtube because it's pretty difficult to find some of these songs. They were popular on the R&B stations back in the 70s (and those stations would be equivalent to underground radio these days), but unless you lived in a city where the radio stations played this music, you'd be left listening to non-stop disco and thinking that's it. I loathed disco, and I'm willing to go on record saying that! Yes, Donna Summer can sing. But her talent was undermined by the material. Sorry. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree!

Whoa...P.S.! I just realized something! You can move your cursor at the bottom of the video and play other songs! In that case, I dedicate "At The Concert" to my "mirror". Don't worry. It won't go any farther than that.
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