I love being a Mom and a Nana!

May 15th was my daughter Clarissa's 27th birthday, and we had a dinner and a movie night at my house. My daughters told me that they wanted to start eating healthier the way I am now. In fact, they said that they wouldn't have minded eating the food that I have every day. Now they tell me! LOL! Anyway, I can't believe that the years have gone by so fast. Weren't they in elementary school just the other day? Or middle school? All three of my kids became adults overnight! And what adults they are--they are each following their own paths in life, doing what really reaches their hearts and souls. Well...according to my youngest daughter, Chenelle my son Marc has apparently become a bonafide "chick magnet" out there in Boston these days...no more shy guy!

And being a Nana...it's even better than having your own children! My grandson Xavier is just an incredible bounty of joy for me. I love him beyond what can be thought of as the usual grandmother love and attention. Whenever I see him, I become convinced that all the things going on in the world right now are meaningless, compared to my grandson's beautiful smile and laughter. Clarissa called me yesterday and said that Xavier walked all the way across the living room. That's Nana's little man!

And finally, Chenelle sent me the following bulletin from her myspace page:

New and improved music by your favorite artist of all time: Tamarind Candy(Chenelle and Marc playing together.) Aren't you excited about this?!?!?! If you haven't already added this artist you must do so at...http://www. myspace. com/tamarindcandy .
It'll give you so very much street cred. For reals.

Please check out her website! I don't always understand the music, but I love it anyway! As I love all of my kids!
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