Around the World in 80 Faiths

I grabbed this clip from BahaiPerspectives , which is an excellent site that I am heartily recommending. I would love to watch the entire BBC series, especially since I have doing a lot of thinking about the religions of the world, and how they relate to one another, even when the religious adherents do not believe there is any common ground. Such thoughts are probably common to most Baha'is, but I am also fascinated how fear of change (in the context of clinging to dogmatic rituals and teachings) creates hardship, isolation, and some cases, despair in people's lives. I can relate to the fear of change. I go through it every single day now. But I recognize it,and replace with prayers of steadfastness and protection. Change is painful, and unavoidable. For the people who cling to a past that no longer exists, the thought of completely changing their way of thinking, living, and believing in God must be terrifying. Anyway, I just wanted to share this video. I'm going to search for the entire series to see if I can order it.
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