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Florence Holway

I'm starting to calm down and settle into my new job as part of Examiner.com's Religion and Spirituality group of writers,also known as the Religion and Spirituality channel. I was hired as the Sacramento Baha'i Examiner, which put me in a panic at first. (I'd rather not get into the "why" of it. Let it suffice to say that "fear, doubt and insecurity" clamped a major choke hold on my brain.) But I wrote an introduction to the Baha'i Faith, which my channel director liked in spite of initial formatting problems, and article number 2 is now up. It's called A moment from a film: Rape In A Small Town . Please check it out, and if at all possible, submit to Reddit, Digg, or any other bookmarking or "social media network" you happen to use. I would greatly appreciate it!

The latest slavery story to break my heart comes via Twitter @justiceandcare: Child Slavery on Lake Volta. The worldwide slave trade WILL BE an ongoing issue on this blog until every man, woman and child glancing at this site even once will understand that is an abomination against God and humanity! I could go even further into emotional appeals, but reader, you get the picture. This won't be the last time you'll read the anti-slavery rant here. Sorry if it bothers you, but there are much more offensive matters going on these days. Look at the pictures of those beautiful children who have been rescued from slavery in Eastern Ghana. It's incomprehensible to me that parents, no matter how destitute they are, would do such a thing to their children! I would do the work instead of my children. Adults have lived their lives. Give the children a chance to do the same.

I have several articles on eHow.com, and I'm starting a five part series on food addiction for AssociatedContent.com. Not to mention writing about my own recovery on BerthaButtNoMore (blogger.com). So yes, I'm doing a lot of writing these days. Thank you, God. This is what I'm supposed to be doing right now!
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