What a summer....

First of all, I'm off to Bosch Baha'i School in the Santa Cruz mountains. The opportunity arose for me to go, and even though I'm feeling guilty that I'm leaving my parents here at my place in all this heat and my air conditioner isn't working, AND that I haven't seen my grandson in three days, I'm pushing all that toxic guilt aside. I REALLY, REALLY need to be at there! If you happen to be wondering why, here's the session information:

Tap the power of trust and learn to see trustworthiness as a key to prosperity. Explore ways to call on Divine assistance in solving difficulties and seeking direction. Learn how to live in love rather than fear and of the bounties that come from that way of life. "As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be." - 'Abdu’l-Bahá

I realize that I've had a lot happening in my life this past summer, and I'm thankful to God, the Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Rancho Cordova and to all of my friends for being supportive of me during this time. Yes, those of you who read this blog, I'm including you in my group of friends. I'm always heartened to read the messages that you send, and even those of you who don't, I still feel your vibes. I know that sounds real cheesy and 70s, but it's the truth. Life gets rough sometimes, but there are always caring people out there willing to listen. That much I do know. It's just that I'm so hard on myself. If I treated other people the way I treat myself, I would be behind bars for life. Assault with a deadly weapon (cheesecake, which is deadly to me), harassment, (my obsessive/compulsive mind) and neglect (not taking care of business when I'm supposed to). So I'm going to Bosch to see what I can do about all that.

I have a lot of things I want to blog about when I get back, so I just want list them so I won't forget: My experience reading the book "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, my encounter with an OG player (complete with bling) as I was rushing to catch a light rail train, and some thoughts that occurred to me during an appointment with Dr. Wong, who is a very good doctor and could be so much more if he wasn't at Kaiser Permanente. I'm glad he's there because I get to work with him, but I sense that he would like to do more than just push pills. I'll explain more about that later. Oh, and one of my pet peeves: standards. I would like to get a lot of feedback from my Baha'i friends on that one. Well, that's it. I hope everyone enjoys the Labor Day weekend. Please don't drink and drive. And if I could have a wish come true, no one would drink to excess, ever. My brother Ricky would be alive today he hadn't got behind the wheel under the influence. You never know who you might leave behind with a broken heart.
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