Good news...bad news

First, the of my stories is about to be published. The bad news is that I have to do major revisions on it before it's ready for publications. By THIS Friday! I got the call (actually, the email) from the editor last night. And like most editors, she wanted the revisions yesterday. I can't even remember my name half the time these days, and she wants me to revise a piece of writing that I did four months ago? The only thing I know for sure is: a) there is a God, and I'm leaning heavily on Him right now just to make it through the day; b) I talk to my sponsor very early in the morning, every morning; c) I eat three tiny meals (so they seem to me) a day with nothing but water or black coffee or tea in between; d) I attend three meetings a week and talk at least three different people each day, none of whom I know very well; e) I've uncovered deep pockets of self-loathing that I never knew existed. As a result, I pray a lot to keep my sanity.

And somehow, I'm supposed to do a brain switch and remember how to use the English language to enthrall a reading audience with my now dormant storytelling skills? Whatever. I'm going back in time, back to playing the reporter's "beat the deadline" game. (sigh) Why now? I'm not ready for this!

Last word: ha, ha! The only bright spot in my day. You read it, didn't you? You really don't know me. My seemingly placid (or passive/aggressive) Taurus ascendant hides my Gemini moon--the trickster. Silly. Immature. Irreverent. And thorny. Yeah, yeah, I'm all that at times, and I don't have my "fix" that helped me "play nice" as I did in the past. But if I didn't find some measure of humor out of it, I might implode. And I have a story to revise, so imploding is not an option right now. Sorry. Humor at your expense. That's wrong, I admit it. The joke is only funny to me, but I don't care. Oh, well. I'll just have to find another outlet for all that Loki energy I have built up inside of me. That's what happens when the moon moves in Aquarius. Besides, it wasn't all about you, even if you seem to think so. You provided a springboard, and I used it to jump to a topic that I'm trying my best to connect with, but feel that I'm too damaged right now to fully understand. And that will change. As all things do.

Since the moon has moved into the sign of the Water Bearer (Aquarius), and it is ruled by Uranus, the planet that represents electricity, scientific innovation, academic study, revolution, obsession and mania in mankind (not necessarily peace and love beads, as everyone seems to associate with the Age of Aquarius) I've decided to celebrate the New Moon with my own tribute. Besides, the New Moon in Aquarius exalts a Gemini moon. I'm extra Loki-like until the moon moves into Pisces. So, without further digression, ladies and gentles, I present to you--Godzilla!

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