Loki strikes again!

The moon has moved out of Aquarius, but that hasn't made a difference to me. Loki has run amuck. It's a situational deal--the opportunity to cause mayhem is just too irresistible. So let's take inventory right now. It's February 14, and you've got your love jones (love sickness) going on:
Will he call? Will she call? Will anyone call? This sucks because I HAVE no one!
Awwwwww...poor thing. And on top of everything, mean ole' Angela (a very good woman, IMO) made you take that love addiction test yesterday, and it's completely blown your V-Day mind. Don't worry, dear heart (snicker), Loki's got your Valentine Daze card RIGHT HERE!

What??? You didn't LIKE that one? O.K., maybe this is better! I just LOVE the look on dudes' faces when this song plays! Come on, do the copy and paste thing, then click on it! You'll love it! The ladies do! Hee, hee!


"I'll pay your rent, your faithful lover!" Yes, guys, that's what it's all about right there! Show some love; show some love! Wait, wait...here I am talking to Babyface....

Loki: Mr. Face, how's your beautiful wife, Tracey?
Babyface: Uh...she's with Eddie Murphy.
Loki: What??? You mean you DIDN'T give good love? Pitiful, shameful! Your lawn got mowed by...Norbit???
Babyface: Uh...
Loki: Shut up, Face! Gimme that mic!

Good grief! Didn't like that one, either? Sheesh! Never satisfied! Oh well...it's your life, baybay! Happy Valley Daze!


With "love"
Loki (the little stinker!)
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