Giving it up

I want to make a correction from an earlier blog. The moon didn't change from Aquarius to Pisces until yesterday. I was thinking about the movement of the sun on the horizon,which changes almost hourly. Details. Life is in the details. I seem to forget that a lot. Anyway, I stayed in Loki-mode for a lot longer, and it's a good thing my computer crashed. It's such a tempting vehicle for my darkest inclinations.

I won't have my computer fixed for another week or so. I have been doing catch as catch can at school and like now, using my daughter's laptop. But I wanted to post because it's a help to me to attempt to be as honest as possible. I still consider myself a journalist, and honesty to the best of one's ability is what a journalist should offer to the world. That is what Baha'u'llah says concerning the journalism profession. Honesty is more important than anything because of the dangers of leading people astray with misinformation. There's no shortage of misinformation in our world, is there?

Honesty isn't easy, but for me, it the process of being honest begins with my own life. That's where it starts, but it radiates outward. That's what I've been told by people who make being honest a minute by minute practice. More about this later. My daighter is ready to make a Safeway run.
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