OK, cupid!

My daughter sensed that I'm having major angst these days about what to do while recovering from surgery, so she showed me a website called okcupid.com, where she recently met a very nice young man (or so he seems right now; a mother reserves the right to be skeptical). Here's part of the conversation:

Chenelle: Mom, you need a man.

Me: Like hell I do. I'd rather go before a firing squad.

Chenelle: No, seriously, Mom. You're being too dramatic. A man would be good for you.

She made a few more comments about my needs in reference to the opposite sex, but I'm not repeating them. I was not at all amused, needless to say.

So anyway, I followed Chenelle's advice and signed up for okcupid.com. Basically, you answer a lot of tests, which is kind of fun, and the site matches you up with people who score like you do, and whose profile and interests are similar to yours. The best part is that it's free. I like that most of all 'cause I beez broke these days.

I haven't completed my profile yet, but the site managed to line up a few good men for me. In fact, I matched up with over a hundred men, which shocked me. I know I'm weird, but there are weird men out there, too? Amazing! I decided to post the results of one of those matches. I haven't sent a message to this guy, and I probably won't. I just wanted to do a test run. But he does seem like he's sweet. He'll make some woman happy, someday. But this match is incomplete because all of the data isn't available. I guess I should finish my profile to get better matches. (sigh) Everything seems to take so much TIME these days!

Comparing angelfly72 and dofthesea
A thorough analysis. Unquestionable truths.

More Independent. (dofthesea's max: 36.7% ...angelfly72's min: 43.9% ...at least 7.2% different)
More Kinky. (angelfly72's max: 43.6% ...dofthesea's min: 92.9% ...at least 49.3% different)
More Desiring of Love. (angelfly72's max: 19.8% ...dofthesea's min: 60% ...at least 40.3% different)
More Spiritual. (dofthesea's max: 58.3% ...angelfly72's min: 83% ...at least 24.6% different)

Link: See the comparison with sweet graphs. Individuals: angelfly72 and dofthesea.
Created by Harvard math grads: OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
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