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Last fall, I wrote a story about a few of the adventures my family had while living on Clark Air Force in the Philippine Islands from 1966-1968. (Any military brats out there? Holla!) After several revisions, I submitted the story for publication in Susurrus, Sacramento City College's literary magazine. I was thrilled that it was accepted. Now I've been asked to do a public reading of my story, along with other Susurrus authors. The event is going to be held at Sacramento City College's small auditorium (room A6) on Saturday, May 3 beginning at 7 pm. I'm probably going to be a little nervous because I haven't done a reading in at least seven, maybe eight years. Yikes! Why did I say yes? Now I'm really nervous!

But this is actually a warm-up for two nerve-wracking challenges that I have been needing to confront, but I couldn't seem to muster the necessary courage to do so. So I told myself that if my Philippines story was accepted, I would take that as a sign from the Abha' Kingdom that I need to: a) submit my book proposal to literary agents and publishing houses; b) do another staged reading of the two act play that I wrote eight years ago called "Maddy Rose", and see if any of the local theaters would be interested in producing it.

You know, writing is easy, except when I have to write about something that is completely boring or out of the realm of possibility for me, as in writing a book about quantum physics. (I love reading about the latest findings, but half the time I can't understand what the physicists are talking about.) It's the other stuff, getting the work out beyond the confines of my community, that is so terrifying to me. But I've been claiming that I'm a writer on my 1040 forms for the past four years. If I don't have anything to back up that claim, the IRS might start thinking strange thoughts about me. The word "audit" comes to mind. And that's even more frightening than marketing my work!

One last word--apparently I can post a blog on Facebook and it will automatically show up on my Blogger site. But the opposite isn't true--whatever I write on angelfly72.blogspot.com (shameless plug alert!) stayes on blogspot.com. Oh well, them be the breaks! :)
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