Today I was combing my hair in preparation of using a curling iron (a rare event, let me tell you), and I saw something that I thought was pretty cool. A shock of silver hair! I have a few straggly grays that aren't too cute, in my opinion, but the solid silver patch is just awesome! I've always wanted a streak of silver in my hair, like Rogue from the X-Men (remember, I'm a nerd), or Lilly Munster from that old 60s comedy, "The Munsters". It looks like I'm getting my wish! Now all I have to do is cover those not cute gray ones with blacker than black color (actually it's my natural color), and I'm happy! Or as happy as I can be with my hair. I still have no idea how to style it, even after all these years. My idea of a style to pull it into a ponytail. The ladies at the beauty shop are so done with me. What can I say? I played army while other girls practiced styling hair and applying makeup on those big Barbie heads. I always thought those things were creepy.

I was wondering why okCupid.com asks people to write about their favorite food as part of their profile. For me, they didn't provide enough space! But what I actually wrote was something different: "I'm trying to understand the 'food as fuel for the body, not a source of pleasure' concept." I'm not sure if I used those exact words, but it's pretty close. It's the truth, so why should I say anything else? This is where I am with the food thing these days. Trust me, I get VERY LITTLE pleasure from the food I eat each day. I just thank God for the fuel, then put it in my mouth. No sensual delight, no fireworks and ecstasy. I try not to think about how much of a bummer this really is because I'll go nuts. It's my chemotherapy, my medicine. My addiction to food is as deadly as cancer, so this bland, just shy of nasty food is my chemo.

So the question is now, what about dating in the future? People often meet over lunch or dinner. How would I do that if I can't eat hardly anything on the menu? I suppose I will learn how to order what I can eat at some point in my recovery. Probably about five years from now. :( In the meantime, I guess I'll have to be creative. BYOF--Bring Your Own Food and meet me in the park kind of date. I guess the guy would have to be real understanding.

Speaking of dating (liked that segue, yes, I did!), my son Marc emailed a link to an interesting web site that I've never heard of before:http://www.heartless-bitches.com
which is the home of "Heartless B**ches International" (I refuse to use that vulgar term, but if other people want to and I want to use their quote, I'll stick to my journalist guns and quote them entirely). Wow. I have no idea what to say about that. I guess the purpose is to liberate and celebrate their b**chdom. Here's a rundown of the sites colorful features:
Deal With It!
Collected Quotes
The Manipulator Files
Nice Guys? BLEAH
Exposé of Sappiness

I read a comment posted the "Nice Guys" section. It was a logical, very thoughtful article, which I will quote here:

NiceGuy', 'A**hole' - Different Sides of the Same Coin?

by Mithrandir
After reading through your "nice guy" section, I just want to thank you for finally summing up my feelings on the matter more cleverly and eloquently than I could. In the past, I have had trouble pin-pointing what it was that bothered me about "Nice Guys." I guess that, at first, I was too busy being confused to become pissed off: whenever a NiceGuy would complain that he has trouble with romance because he's too nice (and being in the middle of a nerdy social circle, I hear these complaints often), my typical thought would be something along the lines of: "huh; that's weird; every girl who I've dated so far has liked me because I'm nice. Conversely, none of the girls who have turned me down have done so because of my nicer traits; it's not like they say, "Sorry, but you didn't call me enough nasty names on our first date, and you forgot to slap the waitress' ass!"

Given this, I'd have a hard time believing that being (genuinely) nice is the true cause of this person's lack of romantic success, but I'd figure that perhaps they simply don't have a clue what the real cause is (and some truly don't, I guess). However, then I read your rants, and it gave me a laugh and also helped me pinpoint another hypocrisy in the NiceGuy philosophy; namely, they see the world as being divided between 3 types of people: nice guys, assholes, and "women." As if being a "woman" is the only distinctive trait possessed by women, and it is up to the "nice males" and the "asshole males" to compete for this commodity known as "womankind." How can anyone hold such a mentality and still get confused when nobody sees them as being every woman's dream?

Also, reading the comments that were sent in response to these rants has convinced me that these people aren't just ignorant hypocrites; most of them KNOW that they're really assholes themselves, and are just pissed off that their painstaking tactics are a waste of time.

Well, since I already have trouble controlling my Inner Brat (I wonder if a b**ch is just a grown up Brat in need of therapy), I don't think I'll be spending a lot of time surfing that site. I like nice guys. I've been with enough of the other kind.
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